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Woman gets topless, attempts to rob Uber driver

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A couple attempted to rob an Uber driver here who accused that the woman appeared topless as soon as she opened the front door of the car and started kissing him.
The accused, Anthony Kennedy (24) and Rayna Fillios (22) were arrested on Saturday, Harahan police chief Tim Walker said.

The driver told police that he shared his number when the couple pinned the ride. Fillios asked him to come over the boarding point. After reaching the spot, Fillios opened the front door and appeared topless.

The police said that as soon as she opened the door, she pulled the driver close to her and started fondling to distract him.

As Fillios let him go, Anthony took out a knife and asked him to give him money. When the driver resisted, Anthony punched him.

The couple were booked under several offences including armed robbery.

Source: Eenaduindia

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