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Pregnancy test addiction has become the new norm

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Motherhood can be stressful – and for some mums, this stress kicks in as soon as the word positive appears on an at-home pregnancy test.

According to new research carried out by ChannelMum, women are getting hooked on pregnancy tests after receiving positive pregnancy results from at home kits.

While it is understandable to want to double check the results – after all, most kits come with two tests – women are actually taking an average of six different ones to ensure they really are expecting, according to ChannelMum.

The phenomenon, known as “pregnancy test addiction” isn’t uncommon – in the UK alone, 62 per cent of mums admitting to continuing to take tests even after a positive result, according to the survey.

One in 12 even admitted to continuing to take the at home tests up until their 12-week scan.

The reasons are obvious – in addition to wanted to confirm the initial results are accurate, countless expectant mothers fear miscarriage or other health issues as their pregnancies progress.

By continuing to pee on pregnancy tests, these expectant mothers are confirming that they are still pregnant.

And rather than keep their addiction a secret, many of these expectant mums are joining forums and online groups where they can discuss their results, post pictures of their positive tests, even broadcast their “live” pregnancy testing.

According to Vice’s Broadly, which looked into the pregnancy test addiction, in addition to spending small fortunes on these tests, which usually cost around £8, these women are becoming obsessed.

And Facebook groups like and All About Pregnancy Tests, which according to Vice, are “hives of activity,” only fuel the fire.

But it appears this addiction has become the new norm – as it affects more than half of pregnant women.

Regarding the results of the survey, the founder of ChannelMum, Siobhan Freegard concluded: “Being hooked on pregnancy tests may seem strange, but the majority of mums do it. Seeing the positive sign come up gives mums-to-be a buzz and also helps reassure those who may be nervous about their pregnancy. However, it’s important not to get addicted to continual tests, as they are expensive and unnecessary.”

Source: Independent

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