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Man mummified mother’s body, kept in refrigerator!

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Shubhabrata Majumdar a mid fifty leather technologist from Kolkata mummified his mother’s body and refrigerated it for more than three years. He put his mother’s body in a commercial freezer on the first floor of his Behala Goeshpur house. Kolkata police arrested the accused on Wednesdays late night from his Behala house.

Subhabrata Majumdar’s mother Bina Devi dies on April 17, 2015, in a private nursing home. But immediately after her death Subhabrata applied mummified technology to his mother’s body and preserved it in a commercial freezer. He removed the internal organ from his mother’s body for better preservation.
According to a police source, Subhabrata was a leather technologist used to work for a leather production company but left the job five years ago. His father Gopal Majumdar and mother Bina Devi both worked for Food Corporation of India.
Subhabrata who is an unemployed currently used to withdrawn his mother’s pension regularly for past three years. Nilanjan Biswas the deputy commissioner (south-west Division) said that ‘We are investigating why the bank has kept the account alive for past three years without the life certificate”.
According to the local people, Subhabrata kept himself aloof from the neighbourhood and do not mix with anyone. If anyone asks him about his mother he used to say that her mortal remains are in peace heaven. Neighbours suspicion grew when they saw that Subhabrata installed a high tonnage air conditioning machine on the first floor when nobody stays there and it is used to run all the time.
Majumdar was a bright student and had a good academic record, the police are investigating why he did so. After the initial investigation, he may have done it for his mother’s pension. Whether Mr Gopal Majumdar the husband of Bina Devi was aware of the fact the officers of homicide department also investigating it.
Source: Hindustan times

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