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Himachal Pradesh polls: Warning Congress on benami properties, PM Modi vows action

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PM Modi claimed that Congress leaders had told him they were worried about the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amended Act, 2016, brought by his government, and that he may start exposing their partymen.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday promised a crackdown on “benami” properties soon, saying this was why the Congress was running scared. Addressing an election rally at Surendranagar in Mandi district, Modi said the Congress was “shedding tears” over the November 8 demonetisation anniversary in the hope of stalling his “benami sampatti ka toofan”. Accusing Congress leaders of holding properties in the name of their drivers, cooks etc, Modi asked the latter not to transfer it to them. “Ab voh vapis nahin le paayenge, yeh sthithi mein paida karne wala hoon (They will not be able to take these properties back. I am creating such a situation),” he said.
“Benaami sampatti… jin jin logon ne yeh jama kar ke rakha hai,chupa kar ke rakha hai, doosron ke naam pe sampatti arjit karke rakhi hai… Congress ke kai neta honge, kisi ne apne driver ke naam par gaadi le kar ke rakhi hogi, kisi ne apna rasoia hoga, cook hoga, uske naam par makaan bana ke rakha hoga. Mein in garib logon ko kehta hoon, ab Congress ke log agar aapko kahein ke makaan mere naam par kar do, gaadi mere naam par kar do, main aise garibon ko kehta hoon, mat karna, apne paas hi rakho (All those people who have amassed benami property, hidden it, collected it in names of others… The Congress may have many such leaders, some may have a car in their driver’s name, some have built a house in their cook’s name. I am telling these poor people, if Congress leaders tell you to return it, don’t do so, keep it),” Modi said.
The PM claimed that Congress leaders had told him they were worried about the Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amended Act, 2016, brought by his government, and that he may start exposing their partymen. “Main ne zara Congresswalon se jaankari paane ki koshish ki, bhai ye notebandi ko 8 november ko ek saal poora ho raha hai, kisi ki boriyan 500 se bhari hui gayin to kisi ki boriyan 1000 se bhari hui gayin… aur itne mein Modi benaami sampatti ka kanoon le aaya. Ab unko pareshani ye hai ke Modi ab thode hi din mein, jo benaami sampatti ka kanoon laya hai, uska logon ko parcham dikhane ki shuruaat karega (I tried to get information from Congressmen, about this one year of demonetisation… some people lost sacks of Rs 500, some of Rs 1,000… and now Modi is bringing this Act, they told me. They are worried that in a few days, under this law, Modi will start holding people to account),” Modi said.
“Unko pareshaani yeh hai ki benaami sampatti ka agar khulne lag gaya, to 500-1000 ke noton ke samay jo benami sab rakha hua hai, kahin benami zameen le ke rakhi hui hai, kahin benami flat bana ke rakha hua hai, kahin dukaan khol ke rakhi hai, yeh saari cheezein ab bachne wali nahin hai. Isliye vo mahaul bana rahe hain ke Modi benami sampatti ka toofan khada kare, uske pehle Black Money day manayein, 8 november to aansoo bahayein aur logon ko galat raah par le jaane ki koshish karein (They are worried that if the benami properties are exposed, then all the benami properties they held back during demonetisation, benami flat, shop, all will be gone. That is why they are creating an atompshere before Modi sets off a storm with the benami law, celebrating Black Money day, shedding tears on November 8, misleading people),” he said.
Modi mocked the Congress for daring to hold Black Day on November 8, calling it “chhati kootne ka karyakram (a programme of chest-beating)” and “samoohik roop se rone ka abhiyan (a campaign of mass crying)”. “It is being done because the time has come to return what was looted to the poor,” he said, as people cheered. The PM said he had been “placed on Delhi’s singhasan (throne)” to fight the war against corruption. “Apne yaar-doston ka bhagya badalne ke liye nahin (Not to change the fortunes of my friends).”
Modi said even if a hundred years pass, no one can trust the Congress on the issue of honesty. “Aap ka paap bolta hai, aapke karnaame bolte hain, aapka purana itihaas bolta hai (Your sins talk, your deeds talk, your history talks).” He called his “campaign against corruption” “safai (clean-up)”. “Bhaiyo aur behnon, yeh janta ke paise hain, janta se loote gaye paise hain. Vo paise janta ke hi kaam aane chahiye, aur hum desh ko lootne vaalon ka chun-chun kar ke hisab karne par lage hue hain, aur safai karke rahenge (This is the money looted from the people, it’s their money. This money should come to people’s use, and we are committed to hold everyone accountable, and to do the clean-up).”
Addressing a rally at Sait in Shahpur constituency of Kangra district, Modi said, “By doing protests of this kind, burning my effigies, lighting candles, you will not be able to stop Modi. You don’t know Modi is the disciple of Sardar Patel and can’t be stopped.”
Comparing corruption to termites, he accused the Congress of having a “rotten mentality”, which should be wiped. “The Congress should not win a single polling booth,” he said. He claimed the party seemed to have already accepted defeat as none of its senior leaders was campaigning in the state. “They have already left the field, leaving everything on Virbhadra Singh’s fate.” This was the PM’s second Rally in Kangra, the biggest district of Himachal Pradesh, with 15 Assembly seats. He will address another rally in the district on November 5.

Source- NDTV

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