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Have you ever wanted to go shopping while in the air? This flying bathtub drone can make it possible.

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The peculiar pictures of the so-called “flying car” might not even have faded from your memory, but a flying bathtub has now stolen its thunder. Aviation technology has come a long way now, but even the Wright brothers couldn’t have imagined a way to make bathtubs fly up in the air. A YouTube channel named as ‘The Real Life Guys’ recently shared a video that went viral on social media and had generated a viewership of more than 6,72,000 views, at the time of writing.

It’s a brain child of Johannes and Philipp Mickenbecker, who used the drone technology in a bathtub. They spent two months sourcing the components for the project. According to media reports, the German government was also involved as it had to grant permission for the project – which was only allowed as it was taking place at a height of under 100 feet.

“Who does not dream of flying shopping in his bathtub?” the 4.08-minute clip has been captioned. Reportedly, for the project, they first flew the bathtub to take a person from one spot to another so that he could grab a quick sandwich.

Watch the video:

Source: IndianExpress

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