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Beat The Heat This Summer With Creepy Insect Ice-Creams…

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With temperatures soaring in the subcontinent region & touching new highs, we can’t deny the fact that half the population living under the scorching sun prefer ice-creams & milk shakes as a relief kit.
From thick delicious shakes to chilled ice-creams we thought we had it all. B
ut wait, world hasn’t stopped here as it is reinventing a concoction.unnamed (1)
In Australia people are bieng served chilled ice creams and shakes topped with insects. Last week, a leading international
magazine had set up ice-cream stands thatwere tasked with dishing ou free icecreams, but with bugs on top of them.
images (1)

The exercise was aimed at raising awareness about food habits that will shape the future.
No nee
d to feel eerie as this trend is gaining tract. A lot of people who have tasted the ice-creams have posted a favourable review of them. images (3)
The guests were served with a variety of flavours and toppings which had meal-worms, fried crickets, ants, grasshoppers and other insects in them.

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